Terms + Conditions

The Terms of Service apply to any and all services provided by The Lovely Design Co (referred to below as ‘TLDC’). By contacting us for a estimate, approving a estimate by paying your deposit, or purchasing any other items (such as but not limited to pre-made WordPress themes) from The Lovely Design Co you’re indicating that you have read and agree to these terms.

TLDC reserves the right to update or correct these terms at any time.

Last updated September 2015

» Payments + Refunds

For projects under $500, payment is due in full before your project can begin, and is non-refundable even if you decide to cancel the project. For projects over $500, A deposit of 60% is due before any project can begin and as is common for the industry, it is non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel the project. The next payment of 20% will be due after the design is approved and before development begins, with the remaining 20% of the project cost is due before the project is uploaded to your host/server. At no time will files be uploaded, sent or given to the client before the final payment has been received. (Note: We do have two additional payment plans available that will change the default payment plan listed above. If you inquire about either of the additional plans or are offered to use one instead, your contract will reflect the payment plan that you’re on.)

» Client Responsibilities + Information

Information Needed by Client: If your project includes any sort of development or installation it is the clients responsibility to provide TLDC with the appropriate information to complete these tasks. Including but not limited to: Access to hosting, control panels, and FTP information.

Images + Illustrations: It is the responsibility of the client to have rights to use images, illustrations and other graphic or development materials provided to TLDC.

Communication: It is the responsibility of the client to respond to requests and contact attempts within a reasonable amount of time. If you will be taking vacation or will otherwise be unavailable during a portion of your project it is your responsibility to indicate this before the project begins. If notice is failed to be given and a delay in contact exceeds seven (7) working days the project will be frozen and a $100 fee will be issued to start the project back up. Exceptions may be made for emergencies.

Pre-Existing Content: It is the responsibility of the client to backup any information already existing on their website before installation. This includes but is not limited to posts, pages, theme settings. Backups of these items will be made by TLDC before installation but it is not our responsibility to provide these items if something happens to them.

Maintenance + Support: After any installation of items that may need maintenance including but not limited to WordPress, plugins, and themes, a two week support period is granted for all projects free of charge. After that time it is up to the client to maintain any plugins, installations, etc. This two week support period does not include changes to the design/functionality of the website unless something is not working as originally agreed upon. Support after the first two weeks is provided at a rate of $75/hr, or in customized monthly/yearly maintenance package.

Domains & Hosting: It is the responsibility of the client to obtain and maintain their domain names and hosting. While TLDC will make recommendations on services we’ve used and trust, we cannot guarantee anything on the behalf of these companies and it’s your responsibility to research a company before purchasing any products from them.

» Revisions

All projects come with a total of three rounds of revisions. A revision is classified as a small to medium change in layout or design, that takes under 10 minutes to complete. This means that within your revision list you can have 20 items, but each item must take under 10 minutes to do to be classified as a revision.

Revisions can include changing colors, fonts, or moving items around in the sidebar, adding last minute items to the sidebar (within reason), or changes within a similar scope. Anything more major, such as turning the design from a one sidebar layout to a two sidebar layout involves much more work and will be done at our current hourly cost. It is the right of TLDC to determine what consists of a revision on a project by project basis.

» Importing Content

In the original quote and contract the pages of the site and the extent of the content input will be noted. In the event that extra pages or content need to be added to the scope of the project there will be a $75/per page fee.

» Browsers + Design Variations

Although designs are checked in all current versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE) there may be minor visual changes from browser to browser.

Additionally, when creating responsive designs we try to include all aspects of the website in tablet/mobile versions, but sometimes it is better to leave out large images or things that create a distraction or delays the user getting to your content. At times we may remove certain things that aren’t important to your overall brand message in order to make the mobile versions of your site better for your mobile visitors.

» Purchasing Pre-Made Content

Rights of Usage: By purchasing a pre-made content such as but not limited to pre-made WordPress themes, you are granted a license for one (1) single use of said item. You may not use an item in more than one location at any given time without purchasing another license.

Support: Support for pre-made themes should be directed to the appropriate developer of said theme. If you’re looking for support for a WordPress theme, please direct your questions to Ashley. If you are looking for support for a Blogger theme, please direct your questions to Stephanie.

» Copyright

The copyright of the design and development provided by TLDC retains with TLDC (or any subcontractors). You, the client, are given a license to use and display the project as you see fit. You are not give permission to re-sell, re-distribute, dismantle, re-use or give away any piece of the project (design, development, or otherwise), be it for yourself or another party.

The client retains all rights to any artwork, photographs, illustrations, etc provided to the designer to use in the project. TLDC only retains the rights of the final outcome and completed design as a whole.

TLDC retains the right to showcase the project in our portfolio, blog, or any other promotional sites.

A link back to TLDC will be included in the footer of all sites designed or developed by TLDC. You may not remove, edit or hide this link without purchasing the full rights in their entirety. The fee for these rights depends on the type of site and business that will be using said services.

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