Sunday, March 6th 2016

Noah is a no mess, no fuss kind of theme. We designed it to be incredibly elegant and classy. We’re extremely proud of the fact that there’s only one image in the entire theme. That makes it very dynamic and lightweight. We’ve spent time paying attention to detail, typography, and spacing, in order to deliver a gorgeous design that we know you’ll love!

With Noah, we decided not to include your typical sidebar. We want it to be all about the content. So when you visit the blog page, that’s all you see — content.

But we know widgets are still important, so we’ve included two other places you can put your widgets. The first is a super unique tab at the top that slides down when you click it. When expanded, it reveals three columns of widgets. You can add anything you want in all three of those columns!

Second, there are three widget areas (again, three columns) in the footer. This gives you more room to add your subscribe box, social media icons, or show off your popular posts.


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