Development? No, Thank You.

Wednesday, November 5th 2014 Services, Thoughts

When I relaunched I subtly included that I was no longer doing development services. This means that I no longer offer coding for WordPress, Blogger, or anything else. This is a decision I probably should have made years ago, but when I started talking about it I heard from a lot of other people who felt the same way! Even some people who prefer development over design, and the question I got a lot was why? Why did I decide to focus on design?

It’s easy really: Because I love it.

When I get a new project, I get excited by two things the most. One, is getting to work with the client on what their site should do for them – where they want to go, and how to get them there. Two is being able to transform the client’s ideas into something they can actually see and work with (something I’m kind of really good at). When it comes to development though, admittedly, I drag my feet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to code a site, I love being able to do it for my site, but when I have to do it for every project it wears me down.

So, while working on a design that took much longer than either I or the client expected, I thought, I really don’t have the energy to code this site too. Yeah, I could have done it, but in the end it would have cost me energy and willpower that would be better spent elsewhere. Overall, I just didn’t have it in me. So I reached out to a friend about doing the development and even having to pay the development cost out of pocket (because my prices generally didn’t account for this since I did everything), I still felt relief. Not only that but the development was done way faster than if I had did it myself, and so not only was I happy, but so was the client.

So in the end, with my first testing of not doing the development myself a bunch of things were apparent:

  • I was less stressed.
  • I had more energy to move on to other things faster.
  • The development overall, got done faster.
  • I was happier.
  • More importantly, the project was done faster than originally expect and the client was happier.

What other reasons do I need? Let me tell you: none.

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent a lot (read: all) of your working career building a business to do what you love – so why waste it with things you don’t enjoy doing? You’re the boss. Focus on doing the things you love, and let someone else handle the mumbo jumbo you don’t. Really, it’s THAT easy.

Development? No, Thank You.

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