Why I Don’t & Will Never Recommend Squarespace

Monday, October 26th 2015 Business, Thoughts

While there are a handful of reasons why I don’t generally think that Squarespace is the best option as website/blogging platform, the main issue I have with Squarespace is the same as I have with sites like Blogger, and far outweighs things like not having full control over your design. (Although, I think that’s a pretty big issue too, let’s be real.)

The simple fact of the matter is, with sites like Squarespace and Blogger, you don’t own your content. Which is why it blows my MIND to see so many businesses on Squarespace.

Now to be clear, if you’re a new blogger and you’re just getting your feet wet, great! Explore every possibility there is, make sure you find what’s right for you, and that blogging is something you’re going to stick with before you invest a ton of money into something. We all started out somewhere and there’s always possibility and room for growth to a self-hosted solution in the future.

For a business though? Come on, now.

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What To Do When Someone Steals Your Shit

Wednesday, October 21st 2015 Thoughts

This post may seem a little silly given the post on Monday about How to Steal Like A Professional was seemingly telling you how to get away with stealing – but this time when I say ‘stolen,’ I mean straight up stolen. Copy and pasted. Blog posts, designs, word for word, image for image, code for code.

It’s been a lot more prevalent as of late with trolls running around under their bridges thinking they rule the world, and more so in a large portion of the people that I love online. Usually, most of them ask nicely for content to be taken down, and then when the thief declines, they feel defeated. Because what options do you have? Ask the offender to take it down, they refuse… what else can you do short of blasting them all over the internet? And if you’re more of an introvert, have an aversion to conflict, or just don’t want your business aired out for everyone and their mother’s to see then that’s not really going to work.

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How to Steal Like A Professional

Monday, October 19th 2015 Thoughts

At some point in your life, especially in such a digital age where we create new junk faster than we can process it, you’ve probably heard someone say something like… “Nothing is new anymore,” or, “there are no new ideas”. And it sure seems like it, doesn’t it? I mean… they remade Nightmare on Elm Street (seriously though, what were they thinking?)

Truth is, it’s kind of true. If you’re not curing cancer or doing something extraordinary (and even still…), chances are someone has done it before. So how come we’re not all being poked at and called thieves? How do we live with ourselves, getting away with our lives of dishonesty?

Well, we learned how to steal like professionals.

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Why You’re Not Making Money With Your Blog

Wednesday, October 14th 2015 Business, Thoughts

Blogging for a living, to some, is becoming the new norm. Be it mommy-blogging, fashion blogging, or some other niche – blogging is a huge platform and it gives people the freedom to do something that some only dream of: Make their own rules.

If you’re a blogger the only one that gets a say in what you do is, well, you (and your hosting company if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing). When it takes you 2-3 hours to write a blog post and publish it, not even taking into consideration research time, editing images, etc – it can add up to a large chunk of your day. Not to mention your week, your month, and even your year (but I’ll be there for you – ahem – sorry). When this happens I think it’s only natural that we kind of drift into the, “Is there a way I can earn money doing this?” mindset. Even when you’re passionate about something, we all still have bills to pay, yo.

The problem is that blogging, while becoming a great method of getting those bills paid, isn’t as easy as it seems. If it was, we wouldn’t need the twelve million posts on Pinterest about how to blog. Likewise, making money while blogging isn’t a piece of cake either, and time and time again I feel myself handing out the same advice to people about building that revenue around blogging. You have to remove yourself from the equation and look at it from the perspective of someone who has never been to your site before.

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